I am a casual haikuist.

18th December 2013


What if

Sometimes I wonder

and the questions start to build

How did I get here

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2nd November 2013


I lied

I don’t wanna do

I just wanna sit sit sit

in my lovely bed

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20th October 2013


Do It

I just wanna do

do do do do do do do

Why can’t I just do

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21st September 2013

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As it Comes

I am at a point

Whatever happens happens

I will accept it

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16th September 2013


Go out and do you

Live life and have lots of fun

I’ll sit here and cry

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11th February 2013

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My Suitemate’s Hatred of Me

I really hate you

Why don’t you go suck some balls

Punch you in the face

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21st January 2013

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Leaving for London Tomorrow




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30th November 2012

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Facebook Statuses

I really don’t care

For some people on facebook:

Time to get Twitter

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9th October 2012

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Where all the boys at

My vagina is ready

get at me bitches

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27th September 2012


what i want to do:

sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep

sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep

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